'American Pie' Carries On Sexist Hollywood Legacy

alyson hanniganThis one time? At band camp? We all remember Alyson Hannigan from the American Pie movies made popular in the late '90s. She played the flute-loving dork-turned-protagonist Michelle Flaherty, who goes on to marry Jason Biggs' character, Jim Levenstein, in the sequel, American Wedding. So naturally when I heard there's going to be American Reunion coming out in 2012, I thought sweet -- can't get enough of Alyson!

Hey American Pie alum: everyone invited to participate in the Reunion movie take one step forward. Not so fast, Ms. Hannigan.

Rumor has it the current star of How I Met Your Mother is being majorly dissed by the studio -- they gave her an embarrassingly low offer compared to co-stars Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott. How sexist!


OK, let me ask you who's most relevant in that trio: Biggs, Scott, or Hannigan? Who has a hit show on network TV right now for six years running and has won a People's Choice Award in 2010 for her role as Lily? Not Biggs nor Scott, I can tell you that much.

She was an integral part of the American Pie franchise and was one of the reasons it was so successful. And Alyson built a great career off that role and is the most pertinent cast member from that movie still working today. Biggs has been nowhere (oh, yeah, he has a new sitcom, which you are sure to only hear about again once it's canceled), Seann William Scott just checked himself into rehab, Chris Klein has been in and out of rehab (although props to breaking up with Katie Holmes because I wouldn't want to live in a world where Suri doesn't exist), and Tara Reid has slipped her nipple so many times that I'm confident I could pick her breasts out of a chest-only line up.

But apparently Hollywood doesn't think a current resume and star-power warrant a fair paycheck. Perez Hilton reports that both Biggs and Scott were offered big money to reprise their roles in American Reunion, but Alyson's offer was downright insulting.

What are these suits in La La Land thinking? It is so disheartening to hear that they don't think Alyson deserves the same amount of money as her male co-stars, despite being just as important to the original movie, and heads and tails above them in current relevancy.

I hope Alyson sticks to her guns and demands the pay she deserves. And if she doesn't, I hope she speaks out on the possible sexism she experienced. This one time? At a studio meeting?

Do you think Alyson deserves as much, less, or more than American Pie costars Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott?

Photo via greginhollywood/Flickr

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