'Limitless' Review: Not Quite What You Expect

Limitless movie stillBradley Cooper gets to live the dream in Limitless, which opens this weekend. By now, you've probably seen the ads and previews about asking what it'd be like if a pill made you rich and powerful. Any movie with that premise is sure to be a bumpy ride, and this thriller is no exception. But is this a ride you want to take, or will you be looking for the exit signs? A look through the reviews for Limitless lets us know what to expect.


Tom Charity, CNN:

Even as it cruises along, the movie shoots itself in the foot more than once. [...] Let's just say if you've seen enough movies you'll likely stay a step or two ahead of our synthetic genius. "Limitless" may not be as brainy as it would like to think it is, but it's a relatively sharp and surprisingly playful head-trip, a satisfyingly novel twist on mindless entertainment.

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times:

The movie is not terrifically good, but the premise is intriguing; it doesn't really set out to explore what such a pill might really to do a person. "Limitless" only uses 15, maybe 20 percent of its brain. Still, that's more than a lot of movies do.

Matt Stevens, E! Online:

Though not always limitless in imagination (snarling Russian goons; De Niro as another intimidating boss man), Limitless does deliver edgy thrills and dark laughs—even at the same time, as in its bloody tasty (literally) climax. Go on—shoot up!

Reviews for Limitless pretty much say the same thing: the concept is cool, but the execution is limited. There's a subplot involving a murder that almost every review finds pointless or, at the very least, distracting to the main plot of the movie. They also agree that Robert De Niro's talent should have been used better, and that Bradley Cooper is starting to find his way as an actor.

To sum it up, the movie is good and entertaining, but not great.

I have to admit, I wasn't even expecting "good" from this and the unofficial poll I just conducted makes me think others were also quite skeptical. The marketing for the movie isn't the best, so I was going to skip it altogether, but knowing that it is entertaining and interesting actually makes me want to check it out.

Are you excited to watch Limitless this weekend?


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