'Adjustment Bureau' Is the Perfect Date Night Flick

the adjustment bureauI'll take a pass on Hall Pass. The Adjustment Bureau, which stars Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, and Roger Sterling John Slattery and is being described as having Mad Men-meets-sci-fi appeal, is my number one pick for date night. It looks like the kind of movie that we're seriously lacking lately -- the kind of flick that appeals to guys, gals, young, old, etc. and makes you think.

Whenever anyone asks me what my favorite movie is, I don't hesitate for a moment. Back to the Future is my favorite movie of all time. Serious movie buffs have laughed in my face, because at first thought, BTTF (as fans so lovingly abbreviate) is just some silly '80s comedy. But it's NOT. It's got everything -- comedy, pop culture, history, sci-fi, drama, romance, etc. Plus, it's like a puzzle on film ...


You have to think to follow, and after it's over, even after you've seen it 50 times, you can still get into conversations that start off like, "So, when Marty goes back to the alternate 1985, after having left Jennifer there, she's still there because ..." Sure, it's not to be taken that seriously, but it's a good time, okay? I love it!

I also fell for Inception, because not only did it star Leonardo DiCaprio, but it also felt like a puzzle that kept you guessing long after the credits rolled. The totem? Did it stop spinning?! Hell-o, awesome conversations were had after that movie! I love that ... the feeling that there's just so much to talk about after walking out of a theater.

Hence why I think The Adjustment Bureau will be another perfect date night pick. The sci-fi, fantasy, political romance that follows the story of a U.S. Senate hopeful who falls in love with a contemporary ballet dancer. But being with her is not his fate ... it will KILL both of their dreams. (Or so the thrilling trailer tells us!)

It seems like the flick will have us wondering if we'd defy our "predetermined path" and risk everything to choose the fate that we want? The premise alone raises so many questions. I feel like it's sure to stir up some passionate debates. In my household alone.

My boyfriend, who -- fun fact here -- worked behind the scenes on the film, is not really much of a believer in fate. I always ask him if he feels certain moments or experiences are meant to be, and he always grimaces at that idea. He's very independent-minded and believes only he is in control of his own destiny. There are no other forces at work. But me, oh, I'm a hopeless romantic who believes there are lots of other forces at work ... that there are soul mates and that everything happens for some reason -- even if it's beyond the scope of what we can see in the present moment. 

Obviously, The Adjustment Bureau was made for us ... and other couples to have the same debates. I wonder which of our perspectives wins out at the end of the movie? I guess we'll have to take a trip to the theater tonight to find out.

Are you looking forward to seeing The Adjustment Bureau?


Image via TheAdjustmentBureau.com

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