'The Adjustment Bureau' Review: Adjust Expectations & You'll Love It

The Adjustment Bureau movie stillThe Adjustment Bureau has been getting buzz for months now, and it finally opens this weekend. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt meet, they like each other, but they can't be together. Why? Because some men in suits who control the universe or something tell them they can't. The movie's inspired by science fiction writer Philip Dick, behind such movies as Total Recall and Minority Report, but apparently there's not too much of the original story left. Perhaps that's better, but it might be worse, so let's check out reviews for The Adjustment Bureau to see which one it is.


Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times:

Damon, in what might be his most classically romantic role to date, and the always excellent Blunt combine to make us want them to be together as much as they want it themselves. In terms of audience involvement, that just might be enough.

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel:

Damon and Blunt have spectacular chemistry, and their flirtations have such snap that you’d swear Damon is blushing as Blunt bats her eyes at him. [...] But “The Adjustment Bureau” is a romantic thriller too caught up in the thrills to be as romantic as it needs to be.

Tim Basham, Paste Magazine:

While a certain amount of suspended reality is expected, even required, in watching a sci-fi film, there are moments when a filmgoer’s credulity can be stretched too far. The Adjustment Bureau definitely tests those limits in spite of some strong performances.

Luke Y. Thompson, E! Online:

It being Nolfi's first film as director, we can understand the impulse to be all things at once. But he really should have decided on one genre, and played that to the hilt.

Reviews were slightly at odds with each other, and I think it comes down to what your expectation is. If you expect it to be about romance, you'll walk out feeling there was too much action. If you expect it to be a thriller, you'll be wondering what all the romance was for and why there wasn't enough action. I suppose that means if you walk in expecting a romantic thriller that's not totally great on either count, you'll be completely satisfied and enjoy The Adjustment Bureau. (See, aren't you happy you read this now?)

I'm not sure it even matters so much considering the other releases this weekend are also kinda meh at best (Rango) and darn-awful at worst (Beastly). So if you're looking to see something new and entertaining, this is one of the better bets. I know I've been curious since the first preview months back, and I'm so in love with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt that I really wouldn't want to miss it, especially since their chemistry is one thing everyone agrees on

Are you excited to watch The Adjustment Bureau this weekend?


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