Awkward Oscars: Who's Avoiding Who on the Red Carpet

Oscar 2011The Oscars. Hollywood's biggest night. We'll be tuning in to see who wins, who has the best speech, what Bjork will wear this year (the swan is so 2001, I'm thinking hedgehog halter dress?). But the real thing to watch is who's avoiding who. Who will at all costs not stand, sit, glance at each other. Yup, the Ex Factor, people.

Goody goody! Let's pop some bubbly and imagine just how awkward this evening can be, shall we?


There's a whole protocol -- devised by Otto Spoerri, controller of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences from 1980-2002 -- to deal with and avoid awkward moments. Like not sitting nominees next to each other as well as separating former spouses/couples.

Unlike last year when the divorced James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow were up against each other for Best Director (she won, natch), we don't have many ex issues this year. This crop of nominees, who are the most likely to be there, well, they are kinda boring.

The most watched would be Nicole Kidman, who's up for Best Actress, but no word on if Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will be in attendance (we hear they may boycott). We'd be eagle-eyed if either Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie were up for an award and Jennifer Aniston was a presenter -- as happened in 2009 -- but, sigh, not happening this year. 

Our best bet for awkwardness is Penelope Cruz. If she tags along with nominated hubby Javier Bardem, she may pop into former flame and presenter Matthew McConaughey (they dated back in 2005). But, I hear they are all friendly and kissy and nice. Sigh.

Granted, the best moments may not be with former couples. Things could get awkward -- or just plain bonkers -- with the acceptance speeches. One to watch: if Banksy, the graffiti artist known for wearing a monkey head, wins for best documentary and, well, wears the monkey head. Producers have already said that it wouldn't be dignified. Hmmmm, I kinda don't think he cares. And co-hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway could steal the show and get everyone talking with their opening number.

What Oscar moments are you looking forward to?


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