'Drive Angry 3D' Review: Bad Movie, Great Drinking Game

Drive Angry 3D movie stillDrive Angry 3D starring Nicolas Cage hits theaters this weekend without much buzz at all. The Oscars are the big event of the weekend, so maybe that's why Hollywood is taking a break at the box office. The only other national release for the weekend is Hall Pass, which critics seem to be completely ignoring, perhaps because it's as predictable as it seems. But Nicolas Cage movies are often hit or miss, so let's take a look at the Drive Angry reviews to see which of the two this one is.


Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel:

Nobody gives better value in bad movies than the sleepy-eyed Oscar winner with a gift for picking bad movies. "Drive Angry" is a very entertaining B, C or D-movie, an over-the-top and in-your-face grindhouse gore, guns and “Gun it” picture that’s about epic shootouts, bone-snapping brawls, bare breasts and muscle cars.

Wesley Morris, The Boston Globe:

This is the rare major release that permits -- in swampy, criminally expensive 3D! -- the study of how some effects are too cruddy to achieve specialness, how not all stuntpeople, dancing extras, and men playing State Trooper Numbers Two and Three are created equal. [...] This is a movie that began at the bottom of the barrel and saw no reason to climb out.

David Edwards, Mirror:

Trash cinema works if it comes with a sense of its own ridiculousness. [...] Then there's Drive Angry, which would've been terrific if all involved involved hadn't been taking things so damn seriously.

It's safe to say that Drive Angry probably won't be winning any awards. The good thing is that everyone agrees the film's entertaining, if completely absurd. If you liked Gone in 60 Seconds, Ghost Rider, and the like, you're sure to enjoy this.

And if you didn't ... well, maybe you'll find a reason to watch anyway, because I'm thinking this would work better as a drinking game! So let's wait for it to get to Netflix or cable, and everyone can take a sip when there's a painfully awful special effect, a drink when somebody says some ridiculous line, and a shot when Nicolas Cage saves the day with some death-defying stunt. Wow, now I can't wait to watch this.

Are you watching Drive Angry 3D this weekend or staying home to get ready for the Oscars?


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