'Just Go With It' Reviews Urge You to Just Run Away

Just Go With It movieJennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler team up for the romantic comedy Just Go With It, opening this weekend. It's never a good sign when you only have a vague idea that there's a movie coming out and you can't remember who's in it, when it opens, or what it's about. That's basically how I feel about this movie. It turns out that it's about a man who pretends he's getting divorced in order to get with a hot woman. Or ... something.

To be honest, I was so put off by the reviews for Just Go With It, I didn't try very hard to make sense of a somewhat nonsensical plot. Go ahead, see for yourself ...


Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times:

The people in this movie are dumber than a box of Tinkertoys. One fears they're so unfortunate it's not Politically Correct to laugh at them. That's not a problem because "Just Go With It" is so rarely funny.

Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly:

When you pay your money for an Adam Sandler comedy from the star's own Happy Madison production company, you know what you're buying [...] And still, with the bar set as low as a limbo contest on the beach, Just Go With It is a bummer — slack rather than loose, tired rather than fun.

Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune:

Lousy with product placement and star fluffing, "Just Go With It" offers only one point of interest beyond the breasts of its second female lead: Aniston's barely disguised disdain for her material. Sandler perpetually cracks himself up with lines that aren't funny, until you think: Is this man on a Red Skelton fellowship?

The only thing this movie seems to have going for it is the actress who plays the daughter, Bailee Madison. Apparently she's quite the talented scene-stealer! Some reviews also praised Jennifer Aniston, but everyone sort of implied that it's a mystery what she's even doing in this movie.

I'm generally a sucker for romantic comedies, but give me the cheesy guilty pleasure You've Got Mail over some of these newer rom-coms any day. But I guess sometimes people just want to leave their brains at home and watch something silly, no matter how bad the script or the acting is. Me? I'd rather stay home with a pint of rocky road and watch something (for free) I know will entertain me. To each her own, I suppose!

Were you looking forward to watching Just Go With It this weekend?


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