Kristen Stewart in 'On the Road': Would Jack Kerouac Approve?

Here's a topic that's sure to be divisive: the big screen adaptation of Jack Kerouac's On the Road, an iconic piece of literature that helped encapsulate an entire Beat Generation of writers and artists, is starring ... Kristen Stewart.


Say what you will about the perennially-pouty K-Stew, she's a busy—and choosy—actress these days. She's been filming Breaking Dawn and reportedly mulling over a new role as Snow White, and now fans can get their first glimpse of Stewart alongside Garrett Hedlund (as Dean Moriarty) and Sam Riley (as Sal Paradise) in the ultimate road trip story.


On the Road is a film with a production story almost as interesting as the idea of the movie itself. Marlon Brando was once slated to play Dean Moriarty opposite Kerouac himself as Sal Paradise. Gus Van Sant owned the film rights for many years before Coppola bought the rights in 1980, and Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell have both been lined up for lead roles at different points.

The movie finally got underway last August, with Eric Gautier (The Motorcycle Diaries, Into the Wild) as director. If the idea of Kristen Stewart as Mary Lou makes you raise an eyebrow, you're not alone—but take heart, the rest of the star-studded cast includes Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen, Amy Adams, Steve Buscemi, and Elisabeth Moss.

I will concede that while I don't count myself as a big Stewart fan, perhaps it's just that I'm not a fan of Kristen Stewart in Twilight. Or, well, any of her press appearances or quotes regarding that franchise. The issue more critical to the film's success, I think, is whether or not Garrett Hedlund has the chops to play Dean Moriarty.

No official release date for On the Road, but it's expected in theaters sometime later this year.

What's your take on the Kristen Stewart casting choice?

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