'20,000 Leagues Under the Sea': My Dream Cast for a Remake

20,000 leagues under the seaNo one in Hollywood has asked, but I have an idea. Let's do a remake of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea!

What? It's already been done? Oh, mama, has it been done. Three 20,000 League movies (the original from Disney in 1954 and two made-for-TV flicks in 1997) and countless animated films are floating around old video stores and Netflix warehouses. The latest news: David Fincher, director dude of Fight Club and The Social Network, is working on a 3-D version to be released in 2013.  

There's no word on who is cast in that latest telling of this undersea adventure, but I know who would be in my dream cast:


Captain Nemo -- Nemo's been out at sea waaaay too long. He is wonkerdoodle. James Mason and Michael Caine both have taken on that role. There were rumors that Will Smith was wanted in one now-defunct production. I like that, I also think Javier Bardem would be excellent, but my vote goes for Robert Downey Jr. If we need a bit older Captain Kookoopants, Jack Nicholson plays crazy like no other.

Ned Land -- This is the whaler who's on board. Originally played by a young Kirk Douglas in the 1954 classic and Bryan Brown in one of the made-for-TV films, this role can kinda go "young buck" or "weathered sailor." I like the young buck take on it. I'm thinking Josh Duhamel or maybe Chris Pine (young Kirk in latest Star Trek). My dream? Josh Holloway, yes, Sawyer from LOST.

Professor Aronnax -- The scientist along for the ride. Played by a young pre-McDreamy Patrick Dempsey in one remake and an older Richard Crenna in another, this role is up for grabs and script-dependent. My vote for a young prof is Ryan Reynolds, while Tom Hanks could totally nail an older Aronnax.

Mara (also called Sophie) -- Soooo, in the made-for-TV versions, there was, of course, a female worked into the story. She was the professor's daughter in one and, in the other, she was Nemo's spawn. Either way, we need some estrogen on board. Who's my dream leading lady on the Nautilus? Maybe Anne Hathaway, perhaps Ellen Page. But I'd love to see Emily Blunt on deck.

Would you go see 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? What do you think of my casting?


Image via Phatom Leap/Flickr

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