'Sanctum' Review: Is James Cameron Hiding in a Cave?

Sanctum movie posterSanctum, an underwater adventure, opens this weekend in 3-D (yep, another one). The movie was inspired by an Australian cave explorer's dramatic experience, and follows a team of explorers who goes into a set of caves previously untouched. They become trapped there after they're hit with cyclone floods and struggle to make it out alive. It all sounds very dramatic and like the makings of a great story, but reviews for Sanctum suggest that it falls short.


Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel:

It’s a solid, old-fashioned action yarn filled with the very latest dive gear and the oldest plot formula in the movie-maker’s playbook.

Luke Y. Thompson, E! Online:

You can't just play mad libs with the terms "James Cameron," "underwater," and "3-D," and expect automatic Titanic. There kinda has to be a good story and passable acting involved, and this is where Sanctum (actually directed by Alister Grierson) sucks it.

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times:

"Sanctum" tells the story of a terrifying adventure in an incompetent way. Some of it is exciting, the ending is involving, and all of it is a poster child for the horrors of 3-D used badly.

All in all, it's not worth the extra money you need to pay to watch in 3-D, and it might not even be worth the regular admission price to watch in 2-D. The acting isn't good, the effects are not impressive, and the script is lacking, so it's tough to say why anybody should watch it. Poor James Cameron must be hiding out in that cave where they shot the film out of embarrassment.

What's up with movies lately? The winter is usually a bit dead, especially leading up to the Oscars, but it seems like it's worse than ever these days. It was hard to find a good review for Sanctum, and the other movie opening this weekend, The Roommate, looks so awful that nobody really needs reviews.

Will you still be watching Sanctum this weekend despite the reviews?


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