'The Rite' Has All the Wrong Stuff

Anthony Hopkins in The RiteRemember when Anthony Hopkins debuted the trailer for his new movie The Rite at the Scream Awards? Everyone was all excited about him doing another creepy, scary movie and the buzz continued for several weeks. Well, now that the movie is finally here, it's safe to say that this is probably not the Hannibal Lecter-type comeback everyone was looking forward to in this exorcism film.

It's rare these days that critics agree on how they feel about a movie. Even if most of the reviews say the movie is awful, it's usually easy to find some that find its redeeming qualities, and vice versa. But reviews for The Rite? Yeah, they're not looking good at all. See for yourself.


Stephen Witty, The Star-Ledger:

There are two ways a horror film can go with its scares. It can be gruesome and graphic [...]. It can refuse to show you anything, and make you imagine much worse [...]. What rarely works is taking the safe middle road — spelling things out, but not showing anything too frightening. And that’s the dull compromise that “The Rite” takes right from the beginning.

Matt Stevens, E! Online:

Despite a fine cast, The Rite bears the sins of a weak script, with an over-the-top climax that undercuts the bejesus-scaring.

Joe Neumaier, NY Daily News:

In the mid-'90s, Hopkins [...] had a run in which he was constantly playing an older man rediscovering love. He now seems to be rediscovering his inner teenager in cartoonish projects that don't deserve him. Maybe there's some kind of Hollywood exorcist who can help him reject the temptation of ridiculous films.

Honestly, after reading the reviews, the little interest I had in watching The Rite completely vanished. I don't know if I would even bother watching it on Netflix unless there was absolutely nothing else to watch.

Is there any chance Thomas Harris is working on another Hannibal book that can be quickly made into a movie? Because that I would most certainly watch.

Are you surprised to see so many bad reviews for The Rite?


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