Biggest Oscar Snub of 2010

The Oscar nominations are in and there are no big surprises on the list, other than my personal surprise that I've actually seen most of the films this year. Hooray for surviving the oppressive housebound infant years of child-raising! I'm particularly pleased to see the nods for Winter's Bone, since that one stayed relatively under the radar. (Haven't seen it? Go forth and rent, my friend.)

Now that everyone's initially celebrated the nominations, it is of course time to talk about where the Academy went wrong. Christopher Nolan and Danny Boyle both passed up for Best Director, for instance. No nomination for Matt Damon as the deeply amusing LaBoeuf in True Grit. Ryan Gosling, Andrew Garfield, Mila Kunis ... all denied.

(People are whining about The Town not being nominated for Best Picture, and those people should be dragged out back and shot. Good performance by Jeremy Renner, absolutely. Incredible overall movie, oh hell to the no.)

My pick for Most Egregious Oscar Snub of 2010?


Mark Wahlberg.

Without Wahlberg, there would have been no Fighter. He wasn't as flashy and over the top as Christian Bale, he wasn't as surprising as Amy Adams, he wasn't as colorful as Melissa Leo, but it was his sustaining, subtle, believable performance that allowed those actors to shine.

Still, since The Fighter has largely been Wahlberg's personal project for the last five years, I'm sure he's happy with the film's seven (!) Academy Award nominations. Well-deserved, all of them.

Who do you think Oscar left off the list this year?

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