Does 'Winter's Bone' Oscar Nomination Make You Want to See It?

Winter's BoneGosh darn it, I am pissed. I really wanted to see Winter's Bone when it was playing at my local theater. I had heard great things from trustworthy friends and now I know how right they were. Winter's Bone is nominated for Best Picture, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actor. For a movie with a plot that's a decidedly unglamorous, it's great to see it get some attention. Here's a summary from The FreeStyle Life:

Seventeen-year-old Ree Dolly is every bit as hardscrabble as the Ozark Mountains she calls home. When she learns that her absent father, a crystal meth manufacturer facing trial, has put up their house as collateral for his bail, she sets out to find him, putting her own life in danger, in the hopes of saving her family from losing it all.

Sounds gritty and I like it. So are you more likely to see Winter's Bone now that it's nominated? For me, it depends.


I wanted to see Winter's Bone from the beginning, so the nominations don't change much for me. I'm happy for the film and can't wait to see it, but the Oscar nod didn't push me over the edge. I'd take a backwoods country setting any day over a boring Upper West Side ballet studio (looking at you, snooze-tastic non-thriller, Black Swan).

I heard that The Kids Are All Right was boring and choppy, and although it got a lot of nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actress, I don't think that's enough to deafen the poor reviews I've heard from friends.

And True Grit, hmm. I love the Coen brothers, but I'm not a Western fan. Probably won't see it.

To my surprise, I've seen every other Best Pic nominee. Look at me! And I enjoyed them all, except Black Swan. Hated it. But that's a whole other issue.

To me, friend reviews and personal preference will trump any nomination. When I pay $13 for a ticket, $7 for Twizzlers, and $4 for a Coke, I want to be sure I'm going to like the movie.

Will you see a film just because it's nominated?

Photo via Winter's Bone Movie

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