Razzie Nominations Announced, Highlighting Biggest Film Turds of 2010

Ah, the glamour and prestige of awards season! Just when we've recovered from the excitement of the Golden Globes, a new set of award nominations has dropped, and it's none other than the Razzies themselves.

Perhaps second only to the Oscars in terms of industry recognition, the Razzies honor the year's most profoundly craptastic movies. Yes, those well-loved films where every viewer walked away marveling at the magic of cinema and pondering the same shared thought: my god, I'll never get those two hours back.

Since the Razzies were announced this morning, a few of the nominees have issued statements, which I may or may not be totally making up:


M. Night Shyamalan, nominated for The Last Airbender: "The Last Airbender, an M. Night Shyamalan film, written by M. Night Shyamalan, but surprisingly not actually starring M. Night Shyamalan, unlike my other M. Night Shyamalan films, brings to the big screen what I hope most of my M. Night Shyamalan movies do: an authentic M. Night Shyamalan experience. Which is to say, it sucks balls, like all my movies since Signs."

Jennifer Aniston, nominated for The Bounty Hunter: "Oh, hey! Yeah, I know, right? I keep making these atrocious movies but I'm still an A-lister. It makes, like, no sense, does it? But my legs are awesome, so. Anyhoo, gotta run. Yoga at 4."

Kristen Stewart, nominated for Twilight Saga, Eclipse: *glowers, picks cuticles*

You can view the entire Razzies list here. Personally, I cannot believe they left The Wolfman off the list, and I think they should have had a special category just for the Stallone's face in The Expendables.

Do you agree/disagree with this year's Razzies? Share your impassioned opinions, especially if you're all pissed off about the Twilight nomination.

Image via Razzies.com

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