Kevin Smith's 'Red State' Is Pissing People Off (VIDEO)

kevin smithIndie movie director Kevin Smith is busy at the Sundance Film Festival hawking Red State, his latest film, in which he satirizes Christian fundamentalism and ultra-conservatism. Given the subject matter, what's the absolute bar-none best thing in the whole wide world that can happen to a guy who wants to publicize a film like this?


Westboro Baptist Church, baby. Yeah ... those guys.

You remember these folks ... they're the brain trust from Topeka, Kansas who claim that "God hates fags." They're the followers of Fred Phelps, a man who spouts gems like: "You can’t preach the Bible without preaching hatred.”

They're the God-fearing Christians who frequently picket military funerals, gay pride get-togethers, high-profile political confabs, and any place where they strongly feel that it is their duty to warn others of God's anger.

As it turns out, the righteous folks of WBC feel that Smith's film aims to slur their good name. (And they're right.) According to one protester, "Kevin Smith is using this platform to mock the servants of God."

Well, if the WBC are in fact "servants of God," then damn skippy!!

Luckily a group of Park City High students joined forces and, along with others, staged a counter-protest, waving such incendiary, Creator-baiting signs as "God Hates Protesters" and "God Loves Slippers." (The latter surely must be true, don't you think?)

Here's a taste of what the kids put together.

So the upshot? Lots of press and anticipation for an upcoming movie that no one had heard of and probably wouldn't have paid that much attention to ... a not-exactly-blockbuster of a film that Smith plans to distribute by himself.

Final score? Smith - 1; God - 1; WBC - 0.

Do you plan to see Kevin Smith's Red State?

Image via Jareed/Flickr

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