'No Strings Attached' Better as a One-Night Stand

No Strings Attached movie stillYou've seen the posters everywhere, you've seen the trailer at pretty much every movie this winter, and the time is finally here for No Strings Attached. Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman have been making the rounds, talking about friends and benefits and friends with benefits. You're either stoked or completely indifferent, and that basically sums up the No Strings Attached reviews.


Jen Chaney, The Washington Post:

[T]hanks to the immense likability of the movie's stars -- especially Portman, so consistently adorable here that she makes wide-eyed kittens and swaddled infants look like amateurs in the field of cuteness -- "No Strings Attached" is an often entertaining look at two people giving their relationship the ol' hooking-uplike-they're-in-college try.

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times:

This is a strange film. Its premise is so much more transgressive than its execution. It's as if the 1970s never happened, let alone subsequent decades. Emma and Adam aren't modern characters. They're sitcom characters allowed to go all the way like grown-ups.

Christy Lemire, AP:

What's intriguing about it is that the girl in the equation [...] is the one who suggests this arrangement, and the guy [...] is the one who breaks the rules and falls in love. It's a reversal of traditional gender roles, and an indication that we might be in for something fresh, daring and different. Except, we're not.

I don't know y'all ... the trailer annoyed me, then I got a bit interested, but now I want to avoid this movie at all costs. Maybe it's the tagline: "Can sex friends stay best friends?" Really?! That's the best they could come up with?

Then add that I'm hard-pressed to figure out who I would watch this with. Scratch off the list any past, current, or potential friends with benefits, any exes you're still friends with, and really anybody you aren't already in a committed relationship with. Meh, we'll see how curious I'm feeling when I wander into the theater for a matinee. (Alone.)

Who are you taking to see No Strings Attached this weekend -- a friend or something more?


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