Verizon 'Can You Hear Me Now?' Guy: What's He Up To These Days?

Since everything in the news today is all "blah blah Verizon blah network blah LTE blah," I decided to get to the bottom of the only Verizon-related situation I was personally interested in: whatever happened to their 'Can You Hear Me Now' guy?

You know who I'm talking about, right? The nerdy-looking dude with the glasses? Guy who always replied "Good" after "Can you hear me now"? Corporate brand character which, according to this deeply amusing style guide from Verizon, should always "appear focused on what he is doing and relentless in his mission to test our network"?

It turns out the Verizon Test Guy's name is Paul Marcarelli, and he's the writer and co-producer of an interesting-sounding upcoming film titled The Green.


The Green is an independent film shot almost entirely in Guilford, Connecticut, where 40-year-old Marcarelli is a resident. It's a tense-looking story of how a teacher's world is turned upside down when he's accused of engaging in inappropriate behavior with a male student, causing the student's mother and boyfriend to attempt to capitalize on the alleged affair.

I don't tend to enjoy movies where the specter of did-they-or-didn't-they sexual abuse floats overhead, but this one's got me intrigued, thanks to the diverse cast. Even if you don't know the names Jason Butler Harner, Julia Ormond, Karen Young, Bill Sage, Illeana Douglas, Cheyenne Jackson, and Mary McCann, you'll definitely recognize faces. (Hello, Canadian Guy from 30 Rock!)

The Green was made under the umbrella of Table Ten Films, a production company Marcarelli co-formed in 2009.

Sounds like Marcarelli's doing well for himself after his stint as Verizon Guy, and probably still enjoying the royalties—although in April 2010 he sold his two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment Greenwich Village apartment for $1.25 million after reducing the price. (Can you hear the scrambling attempt to get out from under a crashing real estate market now? Good.)

Here's the trailer for The Green, if you're interested. No release date yet, but filming wrapped last fall.


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