Seth Rogen Disses Paris Hilton Big Time in 'Green Hornet' Interview

I very much welcome the chance to be proven wrong, because I love action movies and I love comic books and I love Jay Chou, but after seeing the trailer for The Green Hornet, my main takeaway was ... yeeeeeeesh.

(That's a technical movie reviewer's term, by the way. Years of advanced cinematography and production design study have helped me fine-tune the descriptive language I use when I bestow my gifts of film analysis.)

It's the corny one-liners that throw me off, and I am fearful that if they picked the very funniest stuff for the preview, the actual movie is going to suck some serious donkey testicles.

However, I may just have to see it now that I've read what Seth Rogen had to say about basing his Green Hornet character on Paris Hilton. Because HA HA HA.


In the film we're introduced to Rogen's character Britt Reid as he's carelessly trashing a hotel. How did Rogen find inspiration to play a vapid spoiled brat who loves to drink and bang models? He told MTV News they were inspired by none other than the blonde vag-flasher herself.

"We kind of based him off a male Paris Hilton, as embarrassing as that is to say. That is what we looked at — those people who are the sons or daughters of people who have accomplished great things. We probably give them a little more credit than they've gotten in the past and we explore why they're such jerks and why they act out. Maybe it's because they didn't get the attention they wanted."

Ohhhh. Burrrrrrrn, Paris.

Reid will of course will go on to become the superhero of Green Hornet, because otherwise the whole movie would just be another MTV reality show, but his character grows over time.

"We wanted to start out with a guy who was the last guy you would ever expect to be a superhero and slowly make that guy a hero instead of starting with a guy who's already pretty morally centered, just doesn't quite have the idea yet."

So maybe, just maybe, Paris Hilton will grow up someday, don a green mask, and start a new life as a crime-fighting vigilante? Hey, stranger things have happened. Not MUCH stranger, but still.

Here's the movie trailer
, if you haven't seen it yet:

What's your take on The Green Hornet? Worthy of your movie-going time when it comes out?

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