Lydia Hearst-Shaw To Star in Lindsay Lohan Movie?

An upcoming Hollywood satire from screenwriter Charles Casillo is stirring up a ridiculous amount of drama in Hollywood these days. Titled Dogs in Pocketbooks, the film has reportedly just cast Lydia Hearst-Shaw to play Lindsay Lohan in a film based on the troubled starlet's life.

Casillo confirmed the casting choice to the New York Post, saying,

"Lydia will play a bratty movie goddess in and out of rehab, in trouble with the law, and hounded by greedy agents, predatory paparazzi, off-the-wall stalkers and crazed media -- a role obviously based on Lindsay Lohan."

Hearst-Shaw is a 26-year-old model and publishing heiress (also, rumored girlfriend of 58-year-old Jeff Goldblum, whoah), and this will be her first major role. The daughter of Patricia Hearst and Bernard Shaw has appeared on Gossip Girl and a few movies in the past.


Naturally, Lohan's money-grubbing, famewhoring parents are speaking out against the film. Her father Michael Lohan told,

"Personally, I don't understand why Mr. Castillo and Lydia Hearst find the need to make a movie about Lindsay and our family when the Hearst family probably has more drama than ours. If this is a satire, I bet they get Courtney Love to play Dina, Mel Gibson to play me, and Lydia should really fit the bill as Lindsay."

Classy as always, isn't he?

Meanwhile, her mother Dina Lohan told TMZ that the family may sue, as the film is using Lohan's "likeness" without compensating her.

What does Lydia have to say about all this? A lot of backpedaling, apparently. Her rep says she was only just offered the role, but has not yet read the script, saying "She has no knowledge of this project nor any ties to Lindsay Lohan."

Hearst-Shaw took to Twitter on Tuesday to make the story even more confusing:

"Just so we are all clear. My hair is Red because I am the new face of Schwarzkopf color. I am a model. I dyed my hair to front the campaign. As for any theatrical roles I am currently filming Two Jacks directed by Bernard Rose. My next project is Catwalk by Tony Hickox. Thank you all for your messages of encouragement during my transition into acting. I truly love and appreciate it. At this time I am Not officially signed onto any other projects. Thank you."

Ugh, how appropriate that even the story about the STORY of Lindsay Lohan is rife with circle-jerking scandal. And yet . . . god help me, I sort of want to see this stupid movie.

What do you think, would you see Dogs in Pocketbooks?

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