Natalie Portman Starves Herself for 'Black Swan' -- What a Copycat!

natalie portman black swanThe only thing being talked about as much as the sweaty lesbian sex scene in Black Swan is, of course, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis losing a drastic amount of weight for their roles as prima ballerinas. Both women shed a startling 20 pounds from their petite 5’3" frames through a gruesome five-to-eight hour a day training regime of ballet and swimming. And, likely, they dieted, too.

Portman and Kunis aren't the first actors to lose a scary amount of weight for a film. Check out these other stars who almost withered away while in character for a role.


Adrien Brody dropped 30 pounds in six weeks -- from 160 to 130 -- to play a Holocaust survivor in Roman Polanski's The Pianist. He did it through dieting: only a couple boiled eggs, a small piece of fish or chicken, and a few steamed vegetables per day.

In The Machinist, Christian Bale brought the term "emaciated" to a whole new level, losing a staggering 63 pounds (he was 6' and 185 pounds to begin with) for his role as an insomniac. Brad Anderson, the film's director, said he didn't ask Bale to lose the weight; rather, Bale said he was "intrigued by a perverse nature of mine just to see if I can go beyond what I've been told is actually safe and OK, and see if I could push the limits." Um, yikes. (He then gained 100 pounds in five months for Batman Begins. Yikes again.)

Tom Hanks is no stranger to dramatic weight loss: He first shed 25-35 pounds for his role as a gay lawyer fired for having AIDS in Philadelphia; later, during filming for Castaway, he was rumored to have lost twice that much.

Rapper 50 Cent showed how passionate he could be about acting, dropping 54 pounds in nine weeks (through a liquid diet and working out three hours a day) for his role as a cancer-stricken football player in Things Fall Apart.

Viggo Mortensen won't say how much weight he lost for The Road, but I think all viewers can agree: It was a lot.

Do you think it's scary when actors lose so much weight for a movie?


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