The Surprising Movie That's Most Likely to Make a Man Cry

Curious to know which movie is most likely to cause your husband to weep into his delicate lace-trimmed hankie? conducted a survey of male movie fans and has come up with a list of the all-time top 10 tearjerkers, and the results may surprise you. I know I was surprised.

Surprised these survey participants admitted what a bunch of WEENIES they are, that is.

Listen, it's not that men shouldn't feel free to express their emotions, it's just ... well, take a look at this list.

Top movies most likely to make a man break down and sob like a big titty-baby:


10. Up

Okay, this one is acceptable. If you can make it through the first part of Up without doing the rapid-blink thing, your heart is cold and black inside.

9. Shawshank Redemption

Also acceptable. Especially during the scene when Andy Dufresne plays The Marriage of Figaro over the prison loudspeakers.

8. Marley and Me

Well, now we've slid right off the rails. Seriously? I know the dog ... uh, spoiler ... dies and all, but really, a Jennifer Aniston movie?

7. The Notebook

Never saw it, but I know people watch it on Valentine's Day so that automatically makes it wimpy to cry over.

6. Titanic

Any man who cries during Titanic has to turn in his penis card. Sorry, guys. That's just how this works.

5. Jerry McGuire

Like during the "you had me at hello" scene? Because HA HA HA HA I mean, aww, how sensitive.

4. ET

You get a free pass for crying in this but only if you are under 12 years old.

3. Return of the Jedi

I know we've got that part with Luke and his father telling him he was right and so on but any permission to get emotional over this is cancelled out by EWOKS.

2. Forrest Gump

Mmmmmm. Okay, but only if it's for the scene when Forrest asks if his son is smart, and only one solitary manly sniffle is allowed.

And the all-time top male tearjerker is ...


Like, the first Toy Story. Which just confirms to me that men really are from Mars, because COME ON.

An informal poll on Twitter generated the following additional suggestions for Manly Movies Worth Crying Over: Field of Dreams, Saving Private Ryan, Rudy, and Old Yeller. Men, fire up your DVD players and get out the tissues.

What do you think about's list? Any eyebrow-raising titles on there?

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