Anne Hathaway & James Franco: Watch the Oscar Hosts in Action (Videos)

hugh jackman anne hathaway oscarsToday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that the 2011 Oscars will be hosted by the two-person team of James Franco (star of 127 Hours) and Anne Hathaway (co-star of Love & Other Drugs). The question is: Will it be better for the show’s ratings than disastrous musical numbers or giving undeserved awards to pop-cult prodigies?
More importantly, can they handle it? Well, they’ve both hosted Saturday Night Live -- the ultimate high-pressure live TV situation. And they’ve both performed at the Academy Awards, though in very, very different styles and situations. See what you think.


Two years ago, when Hugh Jackman opened the festivities with a hilarious song-and-dance number tied to each Best Picture nomination, he reached into the audience and pulled out a "surprised" Anne Hathaway for a Frost/Nixon duet. She’s adorable, if a little stagy. (Impatient? She pops up around 4:00.)

Meanwhile, last year, James Franco was part of a filmed in-broadcast sketch spoofing Pineapple Express as he and Seth Rogen ran down the nominated movies (among others), before introducing the best short film. He’s funny as can be in the sketch, but just sorta there onstage. Could the international audience be making him self-conscious?

Hathaway and Franco have not appeared on-screen together. But they’re both cute and likable and quick on their feet. I like this pairing. Of course, I’ll always miss the glory days of Billy Crystal the uber-host, who guided us through the evening like a maitre d' of Hollywood, but I liked last year’s double-host combo of Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, and I think this can work.
What do you think of this pairing? Will it be awkward if Franco gets nominated for 127 Hours?

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