Daniel Day Lewis as Abe Linoln ... Who's Next?

LincolnApparently Steven Spielberg has tapped Daniel Day-Lewis to play Honest Abe in a movie version of the 16th president’s life. I mean, now I have an image of a penny telling me it’s going to drink my milkshake, but okay.

Of course, this got me wondering: What other Hollywood actors should play American presidents?


Russell Crowe can play Ulyssess S. Grant, since both men have a bit of a boozy reputation.

Bill Murray already voiced Garfield in a movie, so he’s a shoo-in for James A. Garfield, our 20th president… right?

John Goodman can portray William Howard Taft, a president so fat he got stuck in his own bathtub.

Bruce Willis can play the famously chrome-domed Eisenhower. Hey, the guy didn’t look like much, but he was a five-star army general and a former football coach. Yippie-kai-yay, Mr. Kruschev.

A charming, handsome tom-cat who stepped out on his pleasant wife with a rowr-y movie star? Yep, Brad Pitt would make a fine John F. Kennedy.

Taped without his knowledge in villanous situations? Seems too mean to have Mel Gibson play Richard Nixon, but it does seem like a good match.

This one’s easy: Robert Downey Jr., the new voice of Mr. Peanut in TV commercials, as former peanut farmer Jimmy Carter.

Actor Ronald Reagan, of course, would be reanimated to play President Ronald Reagan, who always looked kinda reanimated already.

See what you learn on the Internet? Dennis Quaid was already tapped to play his old pal Bill Clinton, and he does a pretty good job!

What clumsy actor could play Gerald Ford? Is there a celebrity outdoorsman who’d be Teddy Roosevelt? Are you a history nerd?


Image via ChadH/Flickr

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