Russell Crowe Busts Wife Out Of Prison: Just Another Normal Day?

Russell Crowe
One review calls him a rumpled ninja
So in his new movie, The Next Three Days, Russell Crowe plays a mild-mannered college professor whose wife is unjustly accused of murdering her boss. When he can’t get her case re-opened, he does what any good husband would do: hatches a plot to spring her from prison!

Wait. Hang on. Is that the next logical step here? I mean, my dad’s a college professor. And I’m trying to imagine him buying fake passports from a deaf biker, among the other stuff that happens in this movie.

Then again, this is right in line with Crowe’s past peccadilloes. When he read the script, it probably made perfect sense. After all, the actor, who says he “endures fame” as an “unfortunate by-product” of his acting career (good grief), has a history of somewhat antisocial behavior:


When Crowe couldn’t get an outside phone line to call his wife from a New York hotel in 2005, he did what any good husband would do: tore down to the front desk and bashed the guy in the face with a telephone.

Then there was the time he was on an awards show, in 2002, reciting a poem in tribute to ailing actor Richard Harris, his co-star in Gladiator. Frustrated that the poem would be cut because of copyright issues, he did what any good poem-reader would do: rained a hail of F-bombs on the show’s producer and kicked over a bunch of chairs before storming out.

Then there’s the time, later that year, when he ran into a guy he knew at a fancy Japanese restaurant in London. Apparently the two had had a disagreement over a lady. So he did what any drunk Australian would do. He ate a table-ful of sushi, threw some plates, and got pummeled by the guy in the restaurant’s bathroom.

Of course there’s the time in 2004 that his bodyguard unjustly suggested Crowe cut a night of partying short and go home to his wife and kids. I mean, what else is a good husband to do? Of course he got in a fight and then, when the guy got him in a headlock… bit him.

If Crowe’s not careful, he’s going to get thrown out of preschool.

Would your husband bust you out of jail? If he were Russell Crowe, would you even want him to?

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