Dobby Tell-All Memoir Should Be Next 'Harry Potter' Book

DobbyI've always been a big fan of Dobby the house elf in the Harry Potter series. Sure the little guy almost accidentally killed Harry on a number of occasions, but his intentions were always good.

J.K. Rowling has mentioned before that she's not completely against writing another Harry Potter book, "maybe in ten years."

It'd be really interesting to read Dobby's tale since house elves see so much but say so little (J.K., are you listening?). After becoming a free elf, he would have been able to spill all of his owners' secrets, and considering he belonged to the Malfoys, you can bet your wand that there would be some pretty juicy stories. Let's hope that before all hell broke loose in the final book, Dobby took some time to write down what he saw but couldn't talk about.

**Spoiler warning**

  • The true family dynamics in the Malfoy household. All three of them put on such a strong front, but, as shown in the final book, they truly do care about each other. I'd love to read about their vulnerable side. 
  • Things always seemed to go wrong for the dark wizards during all of their attempts (luckily for us), so I wonder how bad of a mood Lucius would be when he came home from a bad day at work. Ugh, failed to get the prophecy from the Ministry of Magic today. I need a butterbeer.
  • Hogwarts school was full of secret rooms and passageways -- even Dumbledore admitted to not knowing all of the secrets. House elves are the only creatures that can apparate in the school, so I'm sure the time that Dobby worked there, he managed to do some serious exploring.
  • Dobby was a unique house elf in that he actually wanted to be free and, gasp, get paid for his services. Thinking all elves wanted that, Hermione petitioned for elf rights, but ironically, the elves were insulted by her actions. You know they had to have said some nasty things about her while they cleaned the dishes. What was the house elf gossip on Hermione Granger?

As we sadly know, the memoir would have to be released posthumously, but all profits will go to S.P.E.W.

What tales do you think would be in a tell-all book?


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