'The Next Three Days' Review: Can a Great Cast Save It?

The Next Three Days movie
Liam Neeson & Russell Crowe in The Next Three Days
The Next Three Days, starring Russell Crowe, was brave enough to open the same weekend as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Needless to say, they need all the good reviews they can get, and having Liam Neeson and Elizabeth Banks can help. But unfortunately, reviews for The Next Three Days only paint an okay picture.

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel:

Haggis takes relish in doling out clues, false leads and red herrings (some a little too obvious). As he has fun leading us on, we have fun letting him, making “The Next Three Days” a detail-oriented thriller that lets us keep up even as it races to a conclusion.

'Prinz' Lee Romero, Starpulse:

[It's] way too long and [...] we’ve seen this film many times over, however, ‘THE NEXT THREE DAYS’ is watchable, delivered a good story about extreme love, and to be honest, didn’t disappoint. 

But that's the best of it ...


David Edelstein, New York Magazine:

Scene by scene, The Next Three Days feels off. Haggis withholds key details, and he’s not a good enough storyteller to get away with being tricky: What he means to be ambiguous comes off as inept.

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times:

"The Next Three Days" is not a bad movie. It's sort of slow, because it spells out a lot of details, but it kept me involved. It's just that, after it was over, I felt it was a waste of the talent involved.

This is yet another movie where the actors get all the praise, while the rest of the film lacks the substance and energy it needs to really be successful. The good thing is that most critics agree it's a film worth watching, which is always a plus. The question now is whether or not that's enough to get people into the theater.

There probably isn't too much overlap between the audience that The Next Three Days hopes to draw in and the crowd rushing to see Harry Potter, but for some people, it is a matter of choosing one over the other. Either way, though, I can't say I've heard too much buzz over this movie, which isn't generally a good sign.

Perhaps all of you who are looking for an alternative to Harry Potter should check out Unstoppable instead, which got more favorable reviews and had a good opening weekend.

Were you planning on watching The Next Three Days this weekend?


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