Was 'Harry Potter' Ruined by Helena Bonham Carter?

helena bonham carterMy best friend is refusing to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with me simply because she's terrified of Helena Bonham Carter (who plays Bellatrix Lestrange).

When I asked her what she finds so offensive about the actor, here's what she said (in between panic attacks):

I used to live in the same neighborhood as HBC (I refuse to even say/write her name), and I would occasionally see her. Shortly after my run-ins, HBC hit it big in such uplifting films as Fight Club, The Wings of the Dove, and Sweeney Todd. To be fair, I'd choose a chick flick over a drama any day, but really, would it kill her to smile (and maybe use a hair brush?). There's a reason she's not billed as a winning personality in a cheerful Jane Austen-based movie!

In this case, I don't get the HBC hate -- I think she's a great actor and beautiful to boot. But I do understand refusing to watch a particular actor because they completely ruin all the movies in which they have a starring role.


I took an informal poll in the office to try and understand just what it is about certain actors that creep people out. And a few names kept coming up time and time again ...

A team member who agreed to speak to me on the condition of anonymity said it's physically impossible for her to watch anything with Keanu Reeves in it:

He’s so completely monotone. Whether it’s a passionate love scene or crazy action scene, his voice and facial expressions do not change. There’s a reason why the Sad Keanu meme stormed the web.

Another anonymous coworker had this prolific complaint about Paul Walker:

Paul Walker’s hot to look at -- but then he speaks. He’s just like Keanu Reeves with the same droll, boring delivery, and he exudes an aura of absolute stupidity. You can picture him with his mouth gaping open and drool coming out whenever he talks. And he and Freddie Prinze Jr. together in She’s All That are probably the worst pairing of actors ever in life. When I think of Walker getting all pissed yelling at Freddie, “This is one contest you’re gonna lose. You’re going down asshole,” I just burst out laughing. And leave it to him to ruin a movie about a bunch of heroic dogs (Eight Below) -- the dogs were better actors than Paul Walker.

Finally, a coworker who asked to be referred to as President of the "Tobey Maguire should be working in McDonald's" fan club contributed this colorful rant:

Spider-Man? Are you frickin' kidding me? I want some gorgeous hunky manly man. Hello Christian Bale. Not some sniveling, watery-eyed boy (and no the stubble doesn't help) with no lips. No lips! How can a leading man not have lips? He's got Jon Hamm's Mad Men hair and side part. But, Tobey, Jon is in character. You just look like a nerdlinger. I find the fact that he ever got a gig acting (as a leading man) simply baffling. I'm baffled.

Oh, and it should be noted, that Tom Cruise was mentioned by multiple people as someone who ruins every movie. (Unfortunately, their responses were NSFW.)

Are there any actors you CANNOT stand to watch?


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