'Green Lantern' Trailer: Ryan Reynolds Is the Only Thing That Looks Good

Ryan ReynoldsWhat a day for Ryan Reynolds. Not only has he been named The Sexiest Man Alive by People, but the new trailer for his Green Lantern movie has made its way to the web.

From the looks of it, however, Ryan's sexiness -- which is significant -- is about all the flick has going for it.

Check it out:


Did you see those arms?!

ScarJo's man has been hitting the gym! Even in the silly green suit, he's lookin' good.

The movie itself? Not so much.

Superheroes are great, and some of the movies made about them have been fantastic -- Batman, Superman, even Iron Man -- but the Green Lantern?

What did he ever do anyway?

From the non-comic expert sounds of it, he doesn't even have superpowers, it's all in the green ring he gets. Sounds more lucky than super to me.

Even if you do want to see a movie about the guy, this one doesn't look good.

The special effects look fake, and even the way he's transformed into his character (check the clip around 2:08) looks silly.

The movie isn't scheduled to hit theatres until June 2011. Waiting won't be hard.

The upside is that when your children or spouse begs you to see the movie with them, Reynolds will at least ease the pain a bit.

Will you go see The Green Lantern? What do you think of the trailer?

Image via YouTube

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