Fairytale Movies That Will Make You Feel Like Kate Middleton

cinderellaKate Middleton has managed to nab herself a prince, having recently got engaged to hunky Prince William, proving that a common girl can find her Prince Charming (okay, so she's a daughter of millionaires, but bear with me). 

So what can we regular gals do while we wait around for our prince to storm the castle and rescue us? Curl up with Ben & Jerry (who are second only to a prince) and watch these five fairytale romance movies:


The Prince & Me: Julia Stiles stars as the hard-working commoner/college student who becomes the center of admiration for a prince who is disguised as a regular person. She cannot resist the charm that only princes can pull off, until she finds out he's been lying and, whoa, he's a friggin' heir to a throne. But, of course, they live happily ever after.

The Princess Diaries: Mia, your average awkward teenager, finds out that she's actually a princess and has to endure charm-school-from-hell lessons taught by her Genovian Queen grandmother. She tries not to forget about the little people, aka her BFF Lilly and Lilly's brother Michael, on whom she has a major crush, but finds it difficult to combine her new royal life with her former. In the end, she gets the guy and the crown aaand lives happily ever after.

Shrek: Not exactly the Prince Charming that Princess Fiona was hoping for, Shrek the ogre rescues her from the dragon, minus the typical romanticisms, and they go on a journey together to take her back to the palace. Incidentally, the two opposite beings end up falling in love, and -- wait for it -- live happily ever after.

Enchanted: When the modern world is mixed with the animated fairytale world, crazy things happen. Giselle, a stereotypical Disney princess, is cast into real-life NYC, where she befriends jaded lawyer Robert. Of course, through their trials and tribulations, they fall in love and LHEA (we're just abbreviating at this point).

The Disney Princesses: This Walt Disney franchise is based off of the fictional characters in the animated Disney movies, all of which include prince and princesses falling in love (whether it's with a commoner or another member of royalty): Cinderella, Aladdin, The Princess and the Frog, Beauty & the Beast ... the list goes on. And they all ... well, you know the ending.

Nice to know that this stuff happens in real life. That being said, where's my Prince Charming?

What's your favorite fairytale movie? What do you think about Prince William and Kate's engagement?


Image via Disney.com

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