'Harry Potter' Games & Gadgets Real? Inventors Are On It

Quidditch World CupThe lines between the magical world of Harry Potter and our own seem to be becoming more blurry as Muggles (aka humans) are taking Harry's adventures and turning them into a reality. 

Who wouldn't want to slip on an invisibility cloak and instantly disappear? Or ride a broom while playing the competitive game of Quidditch?

Turns out ... you can. Holy Merlin's pants! Where do I sign up?


The International Quidditch World Cup: Forty-six official Quidditch teams from around the world will be competing in NYC today and tomorrow for the title of Quidditch Champions. In this Muggle-version, volleyballs, basketballs, and dodge balls are used as Quaffles while softer objects like Nerf or Wiffle balls act as Bludgers. Beaters use tennis rackets to serve the Bludgers. In more competitive leagues, Chasers will use a Frisbee as a Quaffle and, for the Snitch, instead of a magical object, it's a neutral player, usually dressed all in gold and sometimes adorned with wings. Once he/she is released, they roam the playing field. Oh, and of course they're all running around on broomsticks.

King's Cross Station: Wizards and witches used Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station every year to get aboard the Hogwarts Express. To acknowledge King's Cross Station’s role in Harry Potter, a “Platform 9 3/4″ sign has been erected on a wall close to the real platform 9. Under the sign is a half trolley lodged in the wall, creating the effect of the trolley going through the wall. But I wouldn't try to run through it if I were you.

King's Cross Station Platform 9 3/4

The Invisibility Cloak: In the first book, Harry inherited a rare invisibility cloak, which has become extremely useful during his adventures. But real-life scientists in Germany are close to creating a real-life version. "The way we see is basically light being reflected off of objects. So what this does it manipulate the path of that light, basically," said Jacob Ward, deputy editor of Popular Science. "It comes back to you at an angle such that you think what you're seeing is not really there. It takes advantage of the fundamental principles of light and vision. It makes things invisible as a result."

Magic Wand Remote Control: You won't find a Phoenix feather in it, but two British inventors have created the Kymera Wand, a remote control that is shaped like a wand and commands infra-red devices with a flick of the wrist. Users can change channels, volume, or pause a DVD by using one of 13 different gestures which wave the 14-inch device in various directions. Alohomora!

Have you heard of anything from Harry Potter being turned into reality? What magical item would you like to see be invented in real-life?


Image via InternationalQuidditch.org, KingsCrossSation.com

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