'Skyline' Review: Eye Candy for Visual Effect Junkies

Skyline MovieWhile watching the previews for Skyline, I couldn't help but think that this was just another Independence Day movie, only with modern day 2010 bells and whistles.

The plot is one that we've heard before: aliens are attacking the Earth, threatening the extinction of all mankind.

But what makes this movie different from the end-of-the-Earth SciFis of the past is the exceptional 3-D special effects that undoubtedly give the audience a completely different experience. 

Unfortunately for the directors, that's all it does. Critics are agreeing that these over-the-top effects are all that the movie has, while skimping on the storyline.


Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel:

"Skyline is an epic fail of a monster movie. There’s no urgency, no close-contact immediacy to it. The group starts as a sextet, shrinks to a quartet, adds a couple of people, loses a couple more. And we don’t care for an instant about any of them, don’t identify with them and don’t try to reason their way out of this hopeless mess with them. That neck-up style of acting so suited to TV doesn’t work in a movie where you’re dealing with the unfathomable."

Tim Robey, UK Telegraph:

" ... the filmmakers, who go by the unavoidably silly name of The Brothers Strause, have put more thought into designing their invasion than scripting it; their background in visual effects (2012, Avatar) and previous directing credit (Aliens vs Predator: Requiem) make it entirely clear where these priorities lie."

Elvis D. Silva, Rediff.com:

"The effects are of a high enough quality and Skyline features a few moments of nasty surprise, generated by a combination of sound and visual effects trickery; but since you never end up caring about any of the human characters (if the filmmakers don't, how can the audience be expected to?) all of it serves no purpose other than to goose you out of your visual candy-induced stupor.

"If you are some kind of special-effects junkie, perhaps this movie is for you. Otherwise Skyline really doesn't have any redeeming qualities."

For some people, crazy effects are all you need to make a great movie, so it definitely will be enjoyed by some. If you're an effects junkie, be sure to see this eye candy in theaters (it definitely won't have the same effect if you wait for the DVD). Otherwise, might want to save your money.

Are you a special effects junkie? Do you want to see this movie?


Image via IAmRogue.com

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