5 Election Movies Worthy of Your Vote

Napoleon DynamiteWith candidates that are composed of a witch, a Nazi-dressing congressional, and a Rent Is Too Damn High party, this election year is by no means lacking in entertainment. But just in case you need more, here are our top 5 favorite election movies to get you into the voting spirit.


Napoleon Dynamite
The Candidates: Pedro vs. Summer
The Office: Class president
Election Hijinks: If you're running for office, Napoleon is the guy you want managing your campaign. The "Vote for Pedro" shirt and wild dancing clenched the win for his BFF. Yesss!
The Winner: Pedro

Black Sheep
The Candidates: Al Donnelly vs. Evelyn Tracy
The Office: Governor of Washington
Election Hijinks: Mike Donnelly (played by Chris Farley whom Democratic candidate Chris Young eerily resembles) is the only thing that's standing in the way of his brother's perfect platform while Steve Dodds (played by David Spade) tries to keep him out of trouble.
The Winner: Al Donnelly

The Candidates: Tracy Flick vs. Paul Metzler
The Office: Class president
Election Hijinks: High school teacher Jim McAllister (Matthew Broderick) goes above and beyond to try and sabotage a high school student's (Reese Witherspoon) run at class president.
The Winner: Tracy Flick

The Office: Senator of California
Election Hijinks: After hiring a hitman and taking out a huge life insurance policy on himself, the Senator who's running for re-election says screw it and is brutally honest during the rest of his campaign trail in the form of F-bombs and hip-hop music.

Man of the Year
The Candidates: Tom Dobbs vs. Democrat President Kellogg vs. Republican U.S. Senator Mills
The Office: President of the United States
Election Hijinks:
Comedian and host of a satirical political talk show runs for president and, to his surprise, actually ends up winning. Too bad there was a fluke in the system.
The Winner: Kellogg (ultimately)

What's your favorite election movie?


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