'Paranormal Activity 2' Reviews: Same Idea, Scarier Footage

Paranormal Activity 2I don't get scared by horror movies. I barely flinched while watching The Exorcist, almost fell asleep during The Shining, and was more appalled at the bad acting than the horror during Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But the first Paranormal Activity movie FREAKED ME THE EFF OUT.

And the previews for Paranormal Activity 2 give me the heebie jeebies. That baby missing from the crib, but showing up in the mirror gives me goosebumps every time.

So of course I'm going to go see it, regardless of what the reviews say:


Peter Paras, E! Online:

The generic characters and lackluster story are disappointing, but the film has it where it counts -- with unrelenting feelings of dread and powerful imagery. 
Tom Charity, CNN:
Even if it's never quite as chillingly, insidiously real, the sequel -- if that's the right word -- intersects with the first film in a pleasingly malevolent fashion that creeps up on you as the time-code ticks by.

Tenley Woodman, Boston Herald:

What makes “Paranormal Activity 2” a must-see is the final 30 minutes. The juicy layers in the plot rapidly unfold as this tale of demon possession grows in legend.

Michael Clarke, ABC Online:

The fact series creator Oren Peli, who's on hand as producer this time, has remained faithful to the original concept, means that the overall effect is diluted. You know what to expect and this sequel delivers. But it's not as stunning or thought provoking this time around. It's just simply more of the same.

Do you plan on seeing Paranormal Activity 2? Did you see the first one?


Image via ParanormalMovie.com

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