'Paranormal Activity 2': Uh, No Thank You

I first heard about the second Paranormal Activity movie here on The Stir, where I watched the trailer and promptly crapped my pants.

Let's get something straight: I LOVE horror movies. Huge fan. I love zombies, monsters, psycho killers, buckets of gore, creepy little girls with wet hair in their face who crawl out of televisions, and things that leap at the screen and make you choke on your Twizzlers.

However, I do not think I will be partaking in Paranormal Activity 2. No sir, and I'll tell you why:


1) Small child

2) Night-vision video set up in small child's room to capture the creepy-ass supernatural things happening to him

Aaaaaaand . . . yeah, I'm out. There are very few cinematic elements I can think of are capable of disturbing me to the point of nightmares, but messed-up things happening to toddlers definitely makes the list. I have a toddler AND a night-vision video camera in his room, and I'm pretty sure if I see this movie I will never, ever sleep again. I couldn't even make it through the end of the trailer on the official website without having to cover my face and peer worriedly through my fingers because OH HELL NO.

I mean, have you seen it? The baby? In his crib? And then he's NOT in his crib? . . . only in the mirror he IS?


As for whether or not Paranormal Activity 2 is actually any good, the jury's still out. The movie opens tonight at midnight, and although there haven't been any advance screenings, a few mixed reviews are beginning to hit the web:

"The sequel, while not better than, might be just as good as Oren Peli’s indie smash hit of 2009."

"This is one of the best horror sequels I’ve seen."

"There are a few 'jump out of your seat' moments but when you break it down, it’s just a simple rehash of the original."

I suspect this sequel won't be as successful simply because it won't have the sleeper surprise hit factor, but then again, maybe the advance buzz will earn more sales up front.

What about you, will you be watching Paranormal Activity 2? (Are you braver than I am, in other words?)

Image via ParanormalMovie.com

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