'Jackass 3D' Review: Even in 3D It Falls Flat

Jackass 3DJohnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius, and the rest of our favorite jackasses are at it again, this time in 3D, blowing themselves up, running cars off of ramps, and getting hit in areas that no man should voluntarily be hit in.

Late last night, a bunch of my guy friends updated their Facebook statuses with things like, Jackass was AWESOME! and Hilarious! Jackass is a must-see! No offense to my boys, I'm sure they're wonderful movie critics, but I think we should check out what the pros are saying about it before we spend $12 on a ticket, don't you?


Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel:

Those Jackasses from “Jackass” aren’t getting better, they’re getting older. Their teeth have all been fixed. Their growing paunches just mean more territory to cover with tattoos. A lot of what was cute when they were comic losers willing to try anything for a laugh a decade ago can seem a little desperate now. The peals of laughter by Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera & Co. motley crew can feel forced, like the sidekicks on a radio “Morning Zoo,” cackling at the boss’s limp jokes.

Todd Gilchrist, Moviefone.com:

But unlike the previous film, this one doesn't build to a skit or stunt that feels like a climax or conclusion; as irresponsibly hilarious as almost everything is in 'Jackass 3D,' it doesn't feel like there's much rhyme or reason why the film ended when it did, or why any of the skits was arranged before or after the others.

Jason Roestel, Examiner:

Don't waste your time on this flick. Sniff some glue.Tie a wet towel around your neck and breathe heavy. Or grab a can of computer cleaner and suck all the gas out of it.You'll have a much better time and you'll probably come up with something brilliant in the trade-off. Sort of like the Jackass lads used to do.

Michael Rechtschaffen, The Vancouver Sun:

Sure, there are moments of vintage inspiration -- and you’ve never truly seen a ripe outhouse explode if you haven’t experienced it in slo-mo real 3D -- but this time around the bits miss a lot more than they hit. Although those aging frat boys once again fearlessly lay their various body parts on the line, this time their hearts just don’t seem to be in it.

Ouch. Looks like the Jackass boys aren't receiving any love. Honestly though, I think if you find these types of movies funny (i.e., coke shot out of your nose from laughter during the first two movies), there's a good chance you'll like this one, too.

Do you enjoy the Jackass franchise? Do you think you'll go see this movie?


Image via JackassMovie.com

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