Movie Trailers Like You've Never Seen

If you ever thought Stanley Kubrick's The Shining would make a good romantic comedy with just a couple tweaks and a soundtrack set to Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill," then this website should make you happy.

With a few small changes, The Trailer Mash proves horror can be funny, comedy can be terrifying, and even Titanic can have a sequel.

All the videos are hosted on YouTube and can be created by anyone and then approved by the site moderator. The funniest and the most viral so far has been this romantic comedy version of the Shining:


What is it about the song "Solsbury Hill"? Throw it in a movie trailer and you've got tears! Drama! Beauty! Catharsis!

So, what do you think? Does The Shining work better as a romantic comedy?


Image via Facebook

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