'Life As We Know It' Review: A Typical Heigl Movie

Life As We Know itFor those of you who are Heigl haters, I advise you to steer clear of her new movie Life As We Know It. It's the same hum-drum rom-com filled with female cliches that she supposedly is so against. Trust us Katherine, we'd love to see you do something else, too. The uptight-girl-hates-sloppy-boy, girl-kinda-likes-boy, girl-boy-have-hot-sex, girl-boy-fight, girl-boy-live-happily-ever-after story is getting old.

The only thing that kept me entertained was Josh Duhamel's abs and that little girl, who's friggin' adorable.


The movie focuses on uptight Holly who's single, and of course, everyone feels sorry for her (surprise surprise), and easy-going, tousled hair ladies' man Messer, who everyone fawns over. When their best friends get killed in a car accident, they unexpectedly get custody of their daughter, Sophia, and are forced to live together and work through their differences.

Take a wild guess how the movie turns out -- you're probably right.

In short, it's a typical Heigl movie, and if you weren't a fan 27 Dresses or The Ugly Truth, you won't like this one -- it's essentially the same, just wrapped in different packaging filled with poopy diapers. 

Are you a Heigl fan? Think you'll go see this movie?

Image via LifeAsWeKnowItMovie.com

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