'Wall Street 2' Movie Reviews: Greed Is Even More Intriguing the Second Time Around

wall street 2

So much attention has been focused on corporate greed being at the center of our recent economic collapse. Do we really want to watch a fictional depiction of it all?

I think the answer is a resounding "yes," judging by the excitement swirling around Oliver Stone's Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps -- the highly anticipated sequel to his classic 1987 drama for which Michael Douglas earned an Academy Award for his turn as Gordon Gekko.

And, the reviews so far -- though not without criticism -- at least suggest that this film is worth seeing on the big screen:


This excerpt from a review by Christy Lemire in The Canadian Press pretty much sums up what most of the critics are saying across the board:

It's big and loud and brash in an almost operatic way -- and knowingly, joyfully so. For a movie about a depressing topic that we're all-too familiar with, "Money Never Sleeps" is surprisingly entertaining.

A.O. Scott weighs in similarly:

This movie is by turns brilliant and dumb, naïve and wise, nowhere near good enough and something close to great.

And, here's David Edelstein writing for New York Magazine:

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps might be the movie-TV crossover point, wherein the sequel to an influential eighties motion picture is so loaded with characters and crosscurrents that we wonder why it isn’t a thirteen-hour cable mini-series instead of an impacted two-hour mess.

The great irony being, of course, that Wall Street itself is a mess -- so why shouldn't a movie about it be the same?

Are you going to see Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps this weekend or wait for DVD?


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