'Legend of the Guardians' Review: A Ga'Hoole-in' Good Time

Legend of the Guardians movieOkay, I made up the word Ga'Hoole-in', but reviews for Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole are so delightful, I couldn't help myself.

After a summer where one of the biggest movies was a family film, we haven't seen much come out of that genre since the popular Toy Story 3. Luckily for us, it seems this movie was worth the wait.

Zack Snyder, who brought us 300 and Watchmen, directs this big-screen adaptation of the popular books by Kathryn Lasky. The story's simple enough: good owls vs. bad owls, Guardians vs. Pure Ones. Let's see how Snyder did ...


Scott Bowles, USA Today:

A father of six, Snyder is well versed in comic books and kids. He knows that today's youth like their share of menace and dry wit. Snyder supplies both.

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel:

[T]his variation on a theme by Tolkien is pretty daring, more demanding than your typical film for kids. In an age of “let’s all get along” pabulum, there’s much to like in a cartoon not afraid to show its talons.

Matt Stevens, E! Online:

Visually thrilling Legend, about an idealistic owlet searching for the fabled Guardians, soars on the strength of its gorgeous 3-D animation and stellar voice cast.

I admit, it wasn't full stars and two thumbs up across the board, but if you want stunning visuals and a fresh story to share with your kids, it's sure to please.

In a year when everybody is all 3D'd out, it was nice to see that almost every review commented on how great Legend of the Guardians is in 3D. As an added bonus, you'll love the film's song, "To the Sky." (Unless I'm the only one who geeks out over movie soundtracks these days, in which case, don't mind me as I play it for the 57th time in a row.)

One word of caution: the action sequences might be a bit too much for the younger kiddos, so use your judgment.

Is your interest piqued enough to go see Legend of the Guardians? Or will I find you in line for the Wall Street sequel instead?


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