'I'm Still Here' Reviews Are Clueless & Confused

Joaquin Phoenix Im Still HereJoaquin Phoenix stars in I'm Still Here, which finally hits theaters this weekend. It feels as if we've been talking about this movie forever, yet we're not any closer to figuring out if any of this documentary is real.

Here's a sampling of what the I'm Still Here reviews are saying:

Sheila Marikar, ABC News:

Joaquin Phoenix could be the most narcissistic, sniveling, drugged-up mess of a man ever to appear on a screen. Or he could be the greatest actor of all time.

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times:

If this film turns out to still be part of an elaborate hoax, I'm going to be seriously pissed. Actually, there are subtle signs it might be.

Luke Y. Thompson, E! Online:

It cannot be stressed enough that Phoenix goes out of his way to make himself come off as unlikable, delusional, irresponsible, and downright nasty as a human being. Not every moviegoer wants to be stuck with a total jerk for two hours, even if he is an ironic one.



Almost better than the actual reviews for I'm Still Here are the conversations film critics and others are having about the movie. Roger Ebert, for example, keeps tweeting about it:

So...is "I'm Still Here" a hoax, or not? Most online reviews believe it, like me, with doubts, like me. ???

Later, he posts:

For a man allegedly devastated by depression and drugs, Joaquin Phoenix looked fine at the Venice FilmFest: http://j.mp/bC62ml

We all know the fake documentary thing is played out, but if this isn't real, it's clearly the best fake-out yet.

I have to admit, whether or not it's real, I'm sticking to my "skip it" in the fall movie guide. If it's a hoax, I'd rather not spend money on it, and if it's real, I'd rather not see so many profit off of one man's sad demise. But most of the reviews agree that it's funny, if a bit self-indulgent.

What about you, will you give in to curiosity and watch I'm Still Here?


Image via I'm Still Here Official Movie Site

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