Fall Movies 2010: Our 'See It' or 'Skip It' Guide

Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsLabor Day signifies the end of summer, taking the summer movies right along with it. There were some high points, like Inception, but this summer was full of duds and blockbusters gone bad.

Thankfully, the fall movie season is when stars shine, many of them hoping to be Oscar contenders. A lot of movies are getting attention, but ticket prices are sky-high and you might as well skip your next three meals for what you're paying at the concession stand, so how do you decide what to see?

Never fear, I've done the dirty work for you! After poring through reviews and watching endless trailers (you're welcome), here's a preview of what to see and skip this fall.



I'm Still Here (9/10 limited) - The Joaquin Phoenix flick is sure to be a sight, just not one I want to see. It's still unclear if his road to rapper-dom is genuine or a weird prank, but maybe it'll make him some money and then he can get back to real filmmaking. Skip it.

Easy A (9/17) - Emma Stone is great in everything she does, which is why it might be worth sitting through a movie inspired by The Scarlet Letter and co-starring Amanda Bynes. Emma, please don't let us down! See it.

Jack Goes Boating (9/17 limited) - The frat pack movies have given rise to the loser-as-hero, and now there's a mature, fresh, adult counterpart. The critics are loving this movie and the trailer looks sweet, so it should win hearts even if it makes no money. Which it won't. See it.

Waiting for Superman (9/24) - It's the Inconvenient Truth for education and it's getting lots of buzz, though reviews say it doesn't dig deep enough. If the trailer's any indication, you'll need a pack of tissues. I'm bringing two. See it.

September Surprise
Catfish (9/17 limited) - The trailer is weird, and the "documentary? mockumentary? who knows?" thing is so over, but reviews out of Sundance are incredible. It seems to have converted some big cynics, so this may be one to spend your hard-earned money on. See it.



The Social Network (10/1) - The story behind the site we love to hate. And Facebook hates the movie, so I guess that means we should watch it. But unless you're gunning for the Zoetrope badge on Foursquare, you can do something else instead. Netflix it.

Conviction (10/15) - No reviews for this movie yet, but everyone's looking forward to its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. And why not -- it stars Hilary freaking Swank! The premise looks good, and she's Oscar gold, so I'm not worried. See it.

Hereafter (10/22) - There are tons of crappy creepy movies being released for Halloween. (Paranormal Activity was good, but another one?!) I've managed to find what seems to be a winner in this supernatural thriller directed by Clint Eastwood, starring Matt Damon and featuring Bryce Dallas Howard. See it.

October Oops
Life as We Know It (10/8) - Somebody somewhere thought we needed another boy-meets-girl-meets-baby story. Then they decided to stick Katherine Heigl in it because her movies are such winners. Yeah. Skip it. (No matter how attractive Josh Duhamel is.)



Due Date (11/5) - Zach Galifianakis is having a good year, post-Hangover. Here he co-stars with Robert Downey, Jr. and reactions to advanced screenings are positive. See it.  

Burlesque (11/24) - Love Cher! Love Christina Aguilera! Don't love them together, not in a movie at least. This looks beyond cheesy. Skip it. 

Love and Other Drugs (11/24) - Not quite sure what to make of Anne Hathaway's new movie. The trailer isn't compelling, but I've heard Oscar buzz for the movie and her performance. I guess it beats Burlesque. See it.

November No-Brainer
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (11/19) - Um. Duh. See it.


So there you have it. Please note that release dates are subject to change, so don't come crying to me, I have no say in this. Let me know if there are any movies you want the scoop on, chances are I've read through the reviews.

What movies are you looking forward to this fall? Do you see any Oscar contenders in the mix?

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