September 1st! Twitter Boards Hogwarts Express

hogwarts expressReceived owl with schedule. Check. Finished school supply shopping in Diagon Alley. Check check.

It's September 1 ... off to Hogwarts we go! At least that's what they're doing on Twitter.

Okay, I am not one of those people (well, maybe a little), but I haven't gone as far as sharpened a piece of wood into a wand, nor am I tweeting about hopping onto Platform 9 3/4. But September 1 marks the official start to the school year in the wizarding world, and people are celebrating.

Not sure why, but they are. And if you're a Harry Potter fan, you'll find these tweets amusing. All aboard!


Lord_Voldemort7: It's September 1st. If you're reading this tweet then you're not a wizard going to Hogwarts. Sucks for you. 

clejayly: All around the world, nerds are beating themselves up over missing the Hogwarts Express. #nerdfighterpride

JBiebsQuizzes: #ivealwayswantedtosay Mom, Dad I'm leaving to Hogwarts i'll send u an owl! see ya next summer!

formerchristian: today at hogwarts i saw harry so i started making out with hermione in front of him. it didn't faze him one bit. then with cho. nothing.

DougBenson: The name Hogwarts makes me think of a diseased penis.

Bilal_Mian: Apparently Fedora's aren't part of Hogwarts dress code. Not cool Wizarding World. Not cool.

kristenthelia Sitting in front of Curry, reading the Theonogy wishing I was at Hogwarts learning Charms instead.

MaddieKol: Missed the train to Hogwarts, So I have to apparate to Hogsmeade then walk to the castle. I'm totally teaching DADA this year.

italborrerik: wtf i missed the train to Hogwarts...the barrier was close..f*****g Dobby.

I kinda wish I was boarding the Hogwarts Express right now ... it'd sure beat this summer heat. Minus the whole Voldemort trying to kill everyone thing.

Which tweet is your favorite? Do you wish you were boarding the Hogwarts Express -- it'd be better than going to work, right?


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