James Franco Is Aron Ralston (But With Two Arms)

Unlike most of the world, I wasn't in love with director Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire. And, it looks like I'm going to feel the same way about his new movie, 127 Hours, starring James Franco as adrenaline junkie Aron Ralston.

james franco

My problem with Slumdog? I thought it was exploitative -- offering only a hasty, superficial glance at India's extreme poverty and violence all for the sake of a cute story. It glossed over the more horrifying aspects of society in a race to show a happy ending.

From the looks of the trailer, it looks like Boyle will treat Ralston's story in much the same, light-hearted, frenetic manner ...


Ralston, if you remember, is the American mountain climber who made headlines in 2003 after he amputated his own arm in order to free himself from being trapped by a boulder for, you guessed it, 127 hours.

Ralston's story is ultimately triumphant, yes -- but along the way it's also harrowing, horrifying, excruciating, and likely hard to watch. Yet, this trailer -- with the gorgeous cinematography, picturesque landscapes, and adorable main character -- makes it seem like a carefree joy ride!

See for yourself:

Gotta love James Franco, though. He's sexy, has terrific range as an actor, and is a smarty to boot. I think he's absolutely perfect for the role.

Are you looking forward to seeing 127 Hours this fall? Do you think Franco is a good fit for the role?

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