Maggie Gyllenhaal Goes From Sexy Secretary to Frazzled, Flailing Mom

Maggie GyllenhaalI'm not entirely sure that a non-mom actress would have been able to take on the role as Mrs. Green in the upcoming film Nanny McPhee Returns, which hits theaters this Friday.

Between the frazzled hair, the exasperated sighs, and the inability to comprehend "time to myself?", it definitely takes a mom to play a mom.

And Maggie Gyllenhaal nailed it.


In the movie, Mrs. Green is left to tend to the farm and her three young (and constantly fighting) children while her husband is away at war. And to top it off, she's about to lose the house to her conniving brother-in-law, her employer is completely bonkers, and she's put in charge of her hoity-toity niece and nephew who are visiting from the city and begin to wreck havoc the moment their designer shoes hit the farm's muddy yard. Needless to say, the poor woman is at the end of her rope.

“I took on this film because I felt that Mrs. Green is a real person, and she’s a depiction of a mom that I relate to. Obviously there are things overwhelming her, but I think every mom understands that feeling of not having a second to get her head above water," says Maggie.

When Maggie met with Emma Thompson, who wrote and also starred in the movie, Emma told her that Mrs. Green should look exactly how Maggie was looking at the time.

Frazzled and flailing. But with an almost 4-year-old, what else can you expect?

Maggie's just learning what it takes to balance both a career and family, even turning down a role because it cut into her daughter's first day of school. As the seasoned Emma puts it:

"When people say you can have it all, it's bollocks. You won't lie on your deathbed thinking, 'Gee, I wish I'd made more movies.' You're just going to be thinking, 'What a nice time we had when we spent that time in the summer together.' Those are the memories."

Are you a fan of Maggie Gyllenhaal? Are you and your kids planning to see Nanny McPhee Returns?


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