'I'm Still Here' Trailer Released: The Punchline for Joaquin Phoenix Rap Career?

The trailer for I'm Still Here was released this week and has more than a few people wondering what exactly it is. Directed by Casey Affleck, it's been billed as a documentary to explain actor Joaquin Phoenix and his strange life choices over the past two years.

Namely, giving up a successful acting career to attempt one in hip hop, transforming into an overweight, bearded mountain man of sorts and behaving bizarrely in general.

Check out the trailer and see what you think:


Joaquin PheonixTo me, it seems like the punchline to a joke Affleck and Phoenix have been working on for two years now. It has a very Sacha Baron Cohen feel to it.

The movie is due out September 10, and I guess we'll see then if we've all been punked.

I kind of hope we have been, because that would mean Joaquin hasn't really gone off the deep end (or least not without intent) and perhaps he'll go back to acting.

What do you think of the I'm Still Here trailer? Are you planning to see the movie when it comes out?

Image via movieweb.com

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