Reese Witherspoon As Peggy Lee: 15 Facts We Hope Are in the Biopic

Peggy LeeReese Witherspoon once again will be channeling an iconic singer. She nailed June Carter Cash in the 2005 hit Walk the Line, and her next singing role is playing Peggy Lee in an untitled biopic of the singer, who won hearts with her voice for over half a decade. 


Peggy Lee definitely didn't live on Easy Street growing up, which will ultimately make for a fantastic movie. Here are 15 tidbits about the singer/songwriter that we hope they include in the movie:

  1. Her mother was awarded roses in the hospital when she birthed Peggy because she was the "prettiest baby in the hospital."
  2. Her mother died when she was just 4 years old.
  3. Twice, once being at Christmas, she watched her family home burn to the ground.
  4. As a young girl, she froze both hands drawing water from the cistern; she rubbed them back to life with snow.
  5. Also as a young girl, she sliced off her fingertip and taped it back on herself.
  6. She had her own radio show series that paid her in food. 
  7. After moving to Hollywood at age 17, she lived off 25 cents a day for the first two weeks. 
  8. While in California, she lived with four other girls in a tiny beach shack. 
  9. Even after undergoing several throat surgeries, she continued taking on singing jobs.
  10. She married and divorced four times, one of which was to bandmate David Barbour.
  11. She almost died while giving birth to their daughter, Nicki Lee.
  12. Nearly widowed when her husband, David Barbour, was pronounced dead. He was later revived.
  13. She voiced, sang, and wrote songs for Disney's Lady and the Tramp.
  14. She continued performing into her late 70s, sometimes even in a wheelchair. 
  15. Peggy Lee passed away in 2001 due to diabetes and heart attack.

Does this sound like it'd be a good movie? Which aspects of Peggy's life would you be interested in seeing played out on the big screen?


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