'The Other Guys' Reviews Say It's a Hit!

The Other Guys Will Ferrell Mark Wahlberg

The Other Guys, starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, opens this weekend as a parody of other buddy cop movies we know and love, or at least love to make fun of (think Lethal Weapon).

Surprisingly, the reviews are overwhelmingly good.

Kurt Loder, MTV.com:

The movie is a return to form for Will Ferrell [...] Wahlberg isn't an all-out clown in the Ferrell style, but his careful restraint in this picture [...] is just as funny in a different way.

Dezhda Gaubert, E! Online:

It's the jokes that work best. And there are a ton of them. Most are chuckles, but there are enough gut-busters to make this one of the best comedies since The Hangover.

Christy Lemire, AP:

It all could have been too familiar, too cute. But there are just enough tweaks to these characters and this formula — and a refreshingly weird, kinky streak throughout — that make The Other Guys an unexpected kick.


I'll be honest, I first heard of this movie only a week ago, and then not again until it showed up in the Big Brother luxury competition. I wondered, if a movie isn't spending money on promotion, should I even bother? After reading the reviews, I'm going with yes!

Sure, they're not all favorable. Some have called it "cluttered" and one review said it was "unredeeming dunderheadedness," but no movie is going to make everyone happy.

Of course, considering the other big release this weekend, it's not hard to sell The Other Guys as the one to watch. If I have to choose between getting a headache watching 3D dancing (Step Up 3D) and Mark Wahlberg or Will Ferrell in anything, I'm going with Mark and Will, no matter what it is.

The big question now is: Will The Other Guys knock Inception from the number one spot -- a spot it's claimed for three weeks running? With reviews like these, it's looking like it might.

Will you be watching The Other Guys this weekend?


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