'Thor' Trailer at Comic Con, Watch Now Before It's Too Late

thor trailer comic conComic-Con attendees got a glimpse of next summer's blockbuster, Thor, starring Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth (aka hot guy with a serious god-bod).

The trailer has been leaked so the rest of us mortals can get a glimpse, but it could be pulled at any second, so hurry up and watch at NBC's Popcorn Biz.


I love the juxtaposition of cynical American government agent with otherworldly mysticism in Asgard, where Thor has been cast out after some bad behavior. Other fun things you'll find in this trailer:

Anthony Hopkins really does rule! Magic and science are the same! Natalie Portman gets to kiss a god! Thor is arrogant! Gods and modern times don't always mix! Someone super-sized Iron Man's outfit!

Comic-Con was the perfect place to launch this trailer, if only to make obsessive Marvel fans completely lose it on a Thursday morning.

Are you excited to see Thor?


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