Angelina Jolie, Milla Jovovich, Plus 4 Other Badass Hollywood Chicks

Kicking butt and looking improbably sexy while doing so,
Angelina Jolie (in Salt) should surely win this summer's "Maintains Sex Appeal and Great Hair Even While Dodging Bullets" award.

Angelina's definitely carved out a niche for herself when it comes to being a smoking hot badass on the silver screen (see also: Tomb Raider, Wanted, and of course, the infamous birth-of-Brangelina film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith), but she's not the only star to rock the femme fatale role. When I think of my favorite amazing hardcore Hollywood hotties, these are the top five that come to mind:

Linda Hamilton, Terminator 2. Well, duh. Is there any red-blooded human on this earth whose jaw didn't hit the popcorn-strewn floor when they first got a peek at Sarah Connor's ripped arms in T2? Forget Ah-nold, I just wanted to see more scenes of Ms. Hamilton doing pull-ups. Damn.

Anne Parillaud, La Femme Nikita. If you haven't seen this amazing Luc Besson flick from 1991, do yourself a favor and Netflix that shizz right now. Anne Parillaud plays Nikita, a convicted felon who takes on a new identity as a top spy/assassin instead of facing jail time. She's fast, deadly, yet vulnerable -- and of course, she's unflaggingly beautiful, even when drenched in blood.

Michelle Rodriguez, Girlfight. Michelle Rodriguez has taken on plenty of bad-girl roles in her career (actually, she's pretty much typecast at this point), but this is my favorite. She plays a troubled high school girl who falls in love with boxing in this coming-of-age film, gritty and honest and sporting some seriously hot deltoids.

Milla Jovovich, Resident Evil series. Something something video game zombies outbreak top-secret facility mutants something whateverrrrr. Never mind the plot, the point here is Milla in THIGH HOLSTERS. Milla chopping mutants up with MACHETES. Milla doing crazy stunts and wielding giant guns and looking REDONKULOUSLY FINE.

Linda Fiorentino, The Last Seduction. Fiorentino's Bridget character is sultry, coolly sexy, tough, and incredibly devious. She's no heroine, but I defy you to watch this movie without rooting for her and her evil ways -- and thinking about taking up smoking, just because she makes it look so damn good.

Who would you add to the list? 
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