'Inception' and Other New Movies to See This Weekend, July 16

Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio

It's Friday night. Time for dinner and a movie.

In the mood for something sophisticated? Director Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio pair up for the mind-bender Inception, this weekend's must-see. Hangin' with the kiddies? Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel get all magical in Disney's live-action Bruckheimer remake of The Sorcerer's Apprentice


Inception (Warner Bros.)

You've come to expect taut, high-concept thrillers with an unexpected twist from writer-director Christopher Nolan -- known for films like Memento and Dark Knight --  and Inception doesn't disappoint. With an all-star cast that includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Michael Caine, Marion Cotilliard and soon-to be break-out star Tom Hardy (RockNRolla, Layer Cake), this will no doubt be the one people are talking about on Monday. A definitive must-see, the thriller centers on DiCaprio as Cobb, a dream-invader who leads a crackerjack team on a mission to steal an idea from the head of  heir Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy). Obviously, every move they make inside the man's head will have possibly cataclysmic consequences in the real world. Intellectual property theft at its most riveting. Check out the trailer at the end of the post:

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Walt Disney Pictures)

Yes, Jerry Bruckheimer (you know, the man behind Pearl Harbor, National Treasure and Prince of Persia) produced this remake of the Disney classic, so naturally there are plenty of CGI fireball fights and flying brooms. And yet, it works. Nicolas Cage is Balthasar Blake, a loose canon of a Merlin disciple who is destined to be immortal -- unless he can find the old-school magician's one true heir. Enter physics geek Dave, played by up-and-coming Jay Baruchel (She's Out of My League), who, one would presume, is that one true heir. Except that he's got other things on his mind, like childhood crush Becky (Teresa Palmer). And there are a few other Merlin disciples, like Monica Belluci's Veronica and Alfred Molina's baddie Horvath, to contend with, too. With a deft blend of action, a few well-placed laughs, plus a fun dose of romance, to boot, all-in-all, this is surprisingly satisfying family fare.

What will you be watching this weekend?

Image via Warner Bros.

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